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  • November 12, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

IT Upgrades in CGC’s Final Charter Program Month

October has had its challenges but working on them. Our ETO and transfer of data ran in to some obstacles, our staff are in a strong learning curve and looking forward to using the system now with some real live data. On the IT front we have had to spend some more time on planning a switch over to a donated used machine that has the capacity to run as a server this in turn had us need to look at security levels related to various areas. We have been working on acquiring more ram for our existing machines. Planning a switchover in early November and then we can add our 3 new machines. This all lends it to having a really robust system when we are finished.

On the HR front I have had a second version proofed and sent in for updates.

This all comes at a time we have also had a strategic planning retreat so staff have been very busy. I hope everyone had a nice Halloween and had no storm damage.

  •   |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Entering the Last Month of the Charter Program – HVSC

As we enter the last month of the charter program, I am amazed at what has been accomplished. I once commented to Jeff Haguewood, our implementation coach, that it must be rewarding to work with an agency like Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County because we needed everything. Our Annual Appeal has given us ample opportunity to record gifts in eTapestry and our upcoming Lights to Remember will hone our skills with tribute gifts. We now have a donate button on our web site that takes potential donors to an electronic form and allows people to use a credit card to either pledge or make a one time payment. All of these were much needed pieces to help our small agency move forward in a big way.

We’ve had our challenges with our new phone system but have received unflagging support from Rick Thibeault and Guy Cormier. We continue to learn what the system is capable of doing and we now each have voice mail. (Remember—I said that we needed everything.)

For us, Christmas came early this year and we are very grateful for everything we’ve received!

  •   |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Month 5 of Charter Program with Learningworks

October marked the completion of our fifth month of the charter period, and we saw lots of events occur.  We concluded the computer clean-ups and analyzed the report, which showed us where we have some inefficiencies in our workstations.  We’re deciding where we want to deploy the three new machines we received from Office Prodigy (thank you, Jeff!) and where we can do simple, inexpensive upgrades to our existing computers.  We also activated the authorized list of callers for the IT Support services.

In the HR Support area, we continued work on completing documentation in our employee personnel files.  An audit of the current employee files showed us that we had many documents and evidence of required training missing.  We developed checklists and are using those to guide our efforts with supervisors to make sure that our personnel files will be up to date with all required information.  We also worked with Office Prodigy to engage the same consultant we used for our HR Assessment to perform a complete update to our Employee Handbook.  We determined that our current Handbook is out of date and incomplete in certain areas, but we don’t have the resources to do all of this work.  They will draft an updated version of the Handbook, and we will review the changes and decide on what we want to include.  We also used our job description development software to design a prototype template for our mental health workers’ job descriptions; we see this as giving us consistent and complete job descriptions for every position we have, starting with the mental health worker job positions first.

The other area of strong progress is the electronic client record and the Medicaid billing applications.  We completed and trained our practitioners on ETO Impact (the electronic client record) during the month.  We also attended a session on adding billing details to the Impact side.  The big progress occurred in ETO Money, which is being designed with Vince from Social Solutions.  We made lots of progress on setting up functionality in ETO$ to duplicate what our current system is doing and to make it fully compatible with MaineCare.  This has been a challenge in some respects, but, through perseverance and lots of dialogue, we think we are just about there with the design.  Our plan is to cut over fully to ETO Money for all of our MaineCare billing on December 1, 2012.  That is the end of our charter period, so we have a lot to accomplish in the month of November to finish out the design, test the software, and train our staff.  However, we see the overall benefits to LearningWorks, so we are all motivated to make this work.

  •   |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Final Month in Charter Program for FCS

Dear Friends –

I feel strange writing Family Crisis Services final “required” blog – in part because I feel like I have grown to know all of you – even though I have met few in person. This has been an extraordinary 6 months for FCS. HR complete, computers settled, eTapestry smokin’, and ETO beginning Month two or One (depending on how you look at it). We would be nowhere near today’s status without the invaluable help brought to us by the Unity Foundation, Office Prodigy and especially Jeff Haguewood. There really are not words sufficient to express our gratitude for the skills, patience and generosity of spirit that has been shown to us by all concerned.


  • October 16, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Feedback from all areas of The Community Schools

Author: Multiple


Martha Kempe, Passages Program Director

Passages Program ETO Update

We successfully installed  needed software to operate the ETO software to some of our computers. We ran into problems with some Macs in downloading the system.  We think it is related to older Macs with less memory.  One person is able to use the ETO system on a Mac without a problem.  We hope to get other staff, with Macs, set up with ETO in the next week or so.

Sue has begun entering basic data on ETO for our current students.  Once everyone has ETO access they will take over the entering of their students’ coursework data and reports.  It is working well and we are excited to have access wherever staff are.


ETO Residential Program Update

We are to meet soon with Shannon to take a look at ETO for the Residential Program, and adding scales to track student progress in Developmental Assets.


HR Progress Update

Laurie, Dottie, and Andrea spent time last week with HR specialists to create an updated HR manual. Laurie has just received the prototype – and will take a first look/run through to catch errors, then she will send on to Dottie and the HR Committee for any revisions. There was a good meeting with Jeff today regarding best methods for review and revision.


eTapestry Progress Update

Emma Wilson, Development Specialist:

We are in the implementation phase of our database conversion. While I have not been the leader in this process, I am now catching up on all of the hard work that has been done with my co-worker Sharyn and Jeff Haguewood in preparation for this important next step. As I was participating in yesterday’s online training, session 1 with Caleb, the sensation of how HUGE the impact of the Unity Foundation grant became even more apparent.

The innovative thinking of the Unity Foundation and Office Prodigy is significantly increasing our capacity to engage with our donors, improve our communication with our community and staff, and propel us into the next step of creating a development plan. Six months ago the number one priority would have been to upgrade our database (another donor management system). CSOFC would have needed significant resources and guidance through that process and we did not have the capacity to support those at the time.

A simple example of the impact in the day to day, just a month ago in order for me to get an address or phone number for one of our donors, I would have had to…

a)      remotely login to our database which didn’t always work

b)      contact my co-worker who manages the primary computer, interrupting her day

c)      or use the online white pages

Yesterday I needed to contact two donors. I pulled down my login for eTap from my bookmarks (I know there is probably a short cut that I still need to learn:)), logged in to eTap and was able to make the calls while looking at the donor history. Additionally, we are preparing our 2012-2013 Annual Appeal. Jeff worked with us on a conference call and for the first time in over a year, I have been able to view all of the records through an excel spreadsheet enabling us to strategize what our next steps need to be in improving our data integrity. These are nontrivial issues that we have been able to address with the help of Jeff, Office Prodigy and the Unity Foundation.

We aren’t finished yet, but I believe that the cliche,  ”we couldn’t be doing this without you” holds true.




Sharyn Pohlman, Development Team

I have been very pleased with the experience with OP and, as of this writing, the database conversion has been completed. I have been working closely with Jeff Haguewood on scheduling the cohort training for me, Emma and any others who would like to participate.  Jeff has also been instrumental in helping to generate the mailing list required for the annual appeal.

  • October 12, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Pathways closes out the Charter Program

Author: Bob Kennelly, Executive Director of Pathways

ETO is online. Staff are loading all the data for all the consumers. This process is moving forward more rapidly than expected. Staff where concerned about the time it would take to enter all the data but have been pleasantly surprised at how friendly the process is. Comments from the staff…“this is easier than I thought” “this is going to be great” “this is going to save us time” “will be great for meeting prep”. The only significant concern was to have spell check be part of the system and Shannon began to address that as soon as the concern was raised. Folks are looking forward to going live once all the data is entered. This is the first time that I have seen a staff so readily embrace change. My read is that it was a well designed system with staff involvement that will save time, provide a better product, and add to the professionalism of staff. This has been a great 6 months……….Bob

  • October 10, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Program and IT developments at the Center for Grieving Children

Author: Eliza Warren, Development and Communications Director

Month 4 at the Center for Grieving Children:

Office Prodigy has been hard at work with both our program and development staff this month as we continue the process of setting up our ETO platform as well as solving our IT server issues. We loved having the Office Prodigy support staff on site this month to help take a look at our server structure and identify the next steps to get our new technology and security structure up and running. Our program staff will be participating in their first training on our ETO platform this week and we are excited to see how this platform will help in tracking the outcomes of our peer support groups as we continue to explore new ways to support our mission here at the Center.

  • October 8, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Leaving a legacy at HVSC

Author: Linda Williams, Executive Director of Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County

Our volunteers are anxiously awaiting the roll out of our online reporting tool (staff are too!)  This long needed tool is being crafted using the eTapestry donor management system and promises to make everyone’s lives easier (or at least those who own a computer—many of our volunteers do not.)  Statistics for funders will be a click away and information to be used in our Municipal Appeal will be readily available.

All the services available to Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County are building a strong platform that will allow our agency to move forward in very significant ways.  It will be one of the legacies that I leave to my successor.  (I’m transitioning to a more leisurely world after November 2nd.)  None of this could have happened without the extraordinary support of the Office Prodigy team, especially Jeff Haguewood.  I believe that great things are in store for HVSC.


  •   |  Written by: Office Prodigy

HR, ETO Software, and IT at Learningworks

Author: Robert Dodge, CFO of Learningworks

The month of September was a productive one for LearningWorks in its Office Prodigy implementations. We completed nearly all of our computer clean-ups, except that we have a few left at one of our remote locations to be done. We also received our three new H-P desktop computers and checked them out prior to deployment.

In the HR Support area, we concluded our HR Assessment through the outside consultants, reviewed the report of results with them, and started planning for implementation on non-compliance items. The hard part for us is prioritizing tasks, but, with Jeff’s help, we have focused on major tasks and have listed out specific jobs that need to be completed. This is vital for us, since we are due to have a Mental Health licensing review soon, possibly as early as December. We began reviewing our personnel files using a complete checklist that we compiled, listing the documents and evidence of training that will be required in all staff members’ files.

On the ETO front, we completed the design work with Shannon on ETO Impact (the electronic client record) and held training on its use with our full Case Management team on September 28th. Shannon did a very professional job of conducting the training, and our staff members were fully engaged. The next big task is for each Case Manager to complete entry of all current clients. We also continued design work with Vince at Social Solutions on the ETO Money billing system. This will be the next big implementation event.

So, we feel good about our progress, and we are right on schedule. However, there is still a lot to be done, and most of us are feeling a little apprehensive about that. We’ll get there, though, as we are dedicated to success!

  • October 2, 2012  |  Written by: Office Prodigy

Family Crisis Services’ Odyssey

Author: Lois Reckitt, Executive Director Family Crisis Services

As Month 5 winds to a close for Family Crisis Services in our Office Prodigy odyssey, I can’t help but wonder at the amazing vision at the Unity Foundation that created this opportunity for us. I don’t know who, when or why. I only know our gratitude. This initiative could not have happened at a more appropriate time as we faced challenges and transitions – in ways that could have been extraordinarily difficult without the help of the Office Prodigy Team.

Hard to know where to start –

  • Today, October 1st is kick-off day for our agency transition to ETO. Wish us well. We are both nervous and excited as we begin!
  • We are closing in on the completion of our IT makeover. It was so much more difficult than any anticipated. Without the help of Office Prodigy we would surely still be mired in our mess. Instead, I type this on a new computer, and am confident that help is only a phone call away.
  • Our HR Manual was approved last week by the Board and only replication and contact designations remain to be settled.
  • This afternoon we begin the webinars on eTapestry usage – and conversion of our lists needs my attention this week for final formatting prior to conversion.

Our team – myself, Barbara, Jen, Jenny, Karen, Steph and Danyel have all worked so hard throughout – with persistent leadership from Jeff H. We couldn’t be more pleased – unless another Office Prodigy unit could create more hours in a day.

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